In response to Jesus’ call, the Gracepoint Church of the Nazarene supports missionaries worldwide, supports Nazarene Missions International, provides books about missions, sponsors special mission worship services, sponsors short-term mission service projects, and sponsors community outreach projects.


These are accomplished through these following areas:  

PRAYING – Interceding for leaders and churches and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ.

DISCIPLING – Mentoring and involving all people, including youth and children, to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

GIVING – Devoting ourselves and our resources, including World Evangelism Fund, to extend Christ’s kingdom.

EDUCATING – Informing people of the world’s needs and enabling our church to meet those needs in Christ.


The International Church of the Nazarene has 100 years of experience in missions outreach in 150 countries of the world. Gracepoint Church of the Nazarene is helping to support over 750 active missionaries. So check out our website and rejoice with us over the great things God is doing around the world bringing people into His kingdom, discipling believers, training leaders, and planting new churches. “How will they hear UNLESS…”